Dreamfyre Pole Fitness was founded by Jena Clough in 2016

About Pole – Pole fitness is an alternative form of fitness that with regular practice provides for dramatic results such as losing weight, gaining strength, and flexibility.  While pole dancing has its roots in exotic dancing in clubs, pole fitness has emerged as a popular form of exercise and is now a recognized Olympic potential Sport.

History of DreamFyre – Dreamfyre Pole Fitness was founded by Jena Clough in 2016, utilizing a local gym for studio space.  DreamFyre has it’s own studio space located in the Mercantille Plaza in Eastham.  Jena teaches small group lessons, privates, and video lessons out of her home studio, also located in Eastham.  

Who We Are – We accept everyone for who they are and where they are along their pole journey – whether they have no prior athletic ability or an extended dance background – we welcome everyone.  Age, shape, and gender play no part in whether you can be successful in pole dancing.  We aim to build strength, flexibility, and by extension CONFIDENCE.  This confidence will show in your everyday life, not just in pole class.   

Pole can really be whatever you want it to be.  It is a great way to build friendship, family, and community.  We, at DreamFyre Pole Fitness, all support each other, on and off the pole.   


  • Home Studio – Located at 15b Lighthouse Lane in Eastham, MA. It is a safe, comfortable, private setting to get your pole journey started. There are two poles and classes accommodate up to four people. Privates and group privates, as well as video lessons and studio rental time are offered at this location.

    • Mothers looking to attend class but require childcare are welcome to bring their children. Jena is a mother of two and has plenty of space for children to safely play while still under the supervision of adults.

    • Lyra privates are offered at this location.

  • DreamFyre Studio – Located at 3 Main Street, Unit 23, in the Mercantile Plaza, Eastham MA.  This studio space is ALL OURS! Courses and drop-in classes are held at this location.  Workshops and events such as birthday or bachelorette parties are also be held at this location.  The studio is available for students to rent individually, as well.

DreamFyre Pole Fitness Studio, Eastham MA

DreamFyre Pole Fitness Studio, Eastham MA

Dreamfyre Pole Fitness uses the safest poles on the market that are an industry favorite for competitions, showcases, and studios.  Both locations use 45 mm X-pert Xpoles of varying heights.  

  • Dreamfyre offers classes for both static and spin pole at both locations.

  • Lyra is an aerial hoop

  • Dreamfyre Pole Fitness is fully insured