Jena Clough is a pole dancing mama from Cape Cod, MA. 

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Jena Clough is a plant-based pole dancing mama with a passion for pole dancing and movement. Her drive to make her dreams come true has led her on a 10 year pole dance journey that has taught herself love and self-expression through dance. Jena is a self-taught pole dancer who has trained with many of her pole idols and hopes to continue learning all things related to the aerial arts! She owns DreamFyre Pole Fitness and instructs at her two locations




WINNER: 2nd place, Amateur division. Dance Filthy USA.

WINNER: 2nd place, Amateur division. Dance Filthy USA.

  Jena's pole competition adventures started 2 years ago with the Inaugural Dance Filthy USA in 2016 and she just took home 2nd place in Amateur Division at Dance Filthy USA 2017! Jena has had the pleasure of performing in shows like Bad 2 the Chrome 2017 and local events as well as being accepted into competitions like USPDF.  Jena placed 3rd in Boston's 2017 Northeast Pole Championships Exotic level 4 Division. She is Lucky's Girl Next Door 2-time Champion placing 1st in all 4 of their competitions in CT (2017 & 2018).

In addition to competing, Jena is also involved in judging.  Jena was a judge at Pole Sport Organization’s Northeast Pole Dance Championships in 2017 and is now a PSO Unicorn Brand Ambassador recruiting future and fellow competitors. Jena has also judged the Lucky’s Girl Next Door Pole Competition in 2018.  Moving forward, Jena hopes to have more opportunities to judge fellow pole dancers.

Upcoming Events
Jena is excited about this year as she has been accepted to perform and compete in even more shows and will be traveling more of the region teaching her unique style of pole dance and femininity. You can catch her performing at Pole Con 2017 in the Up and Coming Stars Showcase, competing in USPDF's 2018 Amatuer Pro Qualifier Division in NYC, Alethea Austin's Exotic Day Low Flow Division at NAPDC 2018 in Chicago, and NEPDC 2018 Exotic Division. 

As much as Jena loves performing, her heart is in teaching pole dancing and spreading knowledge of the sport and art form. She is known for her very technical style of teaching tricks but her true passion is in the dance and exotic style. Jena is an advocate for self-love and finding happiness within.

Jena has many more goals for 2018. She dreams of traveling the world teaching pole dancing with her family and continues to motivate herself to stay driven and focused by doing what she loves every day. 

Brand Affiliations
She is also a Brand Ambassador for multiple companies like Home Pole Studios, SneakyDeez, Pole Sport Organization, Devox Designs, and PediPleasers.  Check out links to their pages below.

  • Pedi-Pleasers – custom made accessories for accenting and protecting your heels - find Pedi-Pleasers on Etsy and Instagram  
  • Devox Designs – Custom crafted exotic apparel product and purchasing
  • Sneaky-deez – Wrist supports for pole athletes and gymnasts
  • Home Pole Studios
  • Unicorn for Pole Sport Organization – Contact Jena if you need help navigating the PSO process
  • X-Pole Affiliate/Retailer - Need help purchasing and installing your pole at home?  Jena is an X-pole retailer and can help with ordering and installation!