To achieve the best, badass routine you can possibly have ….



Jena can help you prepare and develop your routine for your upcoming pole competition.  Jena can aid in flexibility training and choreography development.  More so, Jena can help you develop your unique stage presence and charisma.   Having gone through the process of competing and having been a judge herself, Jena has the insight needed to make a performance extra memorable.  

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An Experienced Competitor - and Teacher

Jena’s first competition was in 2016 at the inaugural Dance Filthy, USA and while she did not place that year, she came back stronger in 2017 to win 2nd place, Amateur division.   Jena went on to perform at Bad to the Chrome 2017 and to compete in USPDF in Connecticut 2017.  She took 3rd place at Pole Sport Organizations Northeast Pole Dance Championships in 2017, Level 4 Exotic and first place at the very first Girl Next Door Amateur Pole Dance Competition.  You can expect to see Jena to continue to compete in the coming years.    

In addition to competing, Jena is also involved in judging.  Jena was a judge at Pole Sport Organization’s Northeast Pole Dance Championships in 2017 and is now a PSO Unicorn Brand Ambassador recruiting future and fellow competitors. Jena has also judged the Lucky’s Girl Next Door Pole Competition in 2018.  Moving forward, Jena hopes to have more opportunities to judge fellow pole dancers.