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Email Us your Submission Video Link, Paypal, IG username, & concept to ExoticAlchemy@gmail.com


We are looking for performers!

While your submission video does not need to comply with the theme, your final performance should.

Your submission video:

3 minutes long

Any style or music

Can be an old competition performance

Use 1 pole or 2! Your preference

DUE - May 31st

Fee - $25 (please provide your Paypal so we can invoice you)

Must upload to Youtube; make it public - so we can review it!

Every dancer will receive specific and personal feedback from Jena on their submission video, regardless of if they are selected to perform!

Email us your submission video link, paypal, IG username, and concept to ExoticAlchemy@gmail.com

Performers will be selected and notified by June 15th.