what should i wear to class?

Whatever makes you the most comfortable – HOWEVER – exposed skin is what allows you to stick to the pole so keep that in mind.  Wearing a tank top that is tight fitting is recommended.   Sports bras or anything with support/coverage is also recommended for those comfortable in removing their shirts.  Shorts need to be short! and also tight.  Long or loose shorts can affect your ability to execute tricks properly.  Think bathing suit-bottom, rave wear, or booty shorts.  Most people are barefoot for class and most classes are taught barefoot with an exception to Exotic Temptress, where heels are strongly recommended but not required.  Socks and dance footies are recommended to have on hand as needed.

Bring pants/long sleeves for warm-ups. Leg warmers, knee pads, and heels are also commonly used accessories for pole dancing

What should i not wear?

The day of class do not put on any LOTION or OIL! This will greatly affect your ability to stick to the pole! Petroleum based lotions are especially problematic as they can affect grip even days after application.  Be sure to remove any large or dangly jewelry such as rings and bracelets

what is lyra and what should i wear to lyra?

Lyra is an aerial hoop. Unlike pole, for lyra class you should wear long tight-fitting pants or leggings.  Tank top or t-shirt is fine

are classes co-ed?

Men are not only allowed in class but are strongly encouraged to attend!! All classes are open to ALL genders.  If you are uncomfortable with coed classes, feel free and do not hesitate to contact Jena to discuss other arrangements 

Do i need a dance background?

Absolutely not! Come as you are and learn to dance! 

what if i am out of shape?

Come to class!!! Pole fitness is an excellent way to get into shape! You will gain the strength and flexibility needed to do pole while doing pole!

What’s the difference between static pole and spinny?

Static pole is when the pole remains stationary and you use your body weight to create the momentum required to produce a spin. Static pole is commonly used in the “exotic” style of pole dancing. Spinny or Spin Pole is when the pole itself spins and little effort is required in order to create rotation. 

If you have any more questions, please contact Jena. 


| policies & class etiquette |

Students should arrive 5 minutes before class.  If you do not show up for your reserved spot, then it may be given to a standby student and you will still be charged for the class.  Tardy entrance to class over 10 minutes will not be tolerated and you will still be charged for the class.  

24-hr notice is required for cancellation.  Any cancellations under 24-hrs are non-refundable and you will still be charged for the class.  

All new students are required to sign a waiver prior to attending class.

All sales are final and nonrefundable.  Packages expire in 90 days.  Classes and packages are non-transferable.