Exotic Temptress

This workshop is all about sexy low flow and exotic style of dance.  You will learn all the steps to seamlessly move through the choreography.  This workshop will have students getting down & dirty; flowing through Jena’s signature floor moves, sexy pole passes, and aggressive heel clacks. Bring your heels and knee pads and inner temptress for this workshop and be sure to let your hair down!


The Threefold Siren

This workshop will take you through three distinct techniques: Freestyle, Contrast, & Flow. Each exercise will have you tap into your inner siren while exploring your own unique flow.

Slinky Spin

Learning to “fly” on spinny pole with grace and control can be challenging. This workshop is designed to help each individual have a firm grasp on controlling speed on spin pole while maintaining flow in the tricks you love!


The Enchantress

Tap into a unique magic of your very own! In this workshop, Jena will go over tips & tricks on how to entice your audience with illusions of flexibility, fantasy fluidity, and charming low flow. Learn how to “seal the deal” by enhancing your stage presence and becoming one with your inner enchantress.

Technically Sensual

Being sensual is hard work! Every hip opening, toe pointing, fair flicking movement should look effortless but let’s face it - underneath our garters, we’re all sweating! This workshop breaks down every tiny nuance associated with sexy, sensual movement to enable students to truly feel like the sexy siren that they are, while making it look smooth as silk.

Sneak-er in there!

Some people feel sexy in 8 inch heels while others find true pleasure in sneaking around … in sneakers! This workshop will teach students how to maneuver in sneakers while still maintaining a slinky sexy style!

filthy Floorwork

Floor tricks can be challenging and uncomfortable if there is not a thorough understanding of how one should maneuver through them. With Jena’s step by step technical breakdowns, each student will experience different drills and exercises to strengthen these floor skills. Already got that fish flop down? Hungry for more floorwork combinations? All students will get a chance to combine their favorite floor moves and take them to a new level of sexy!


| Workshops |

Please contact Jena for pricing details

Workshops are 90 minutes. Workshops can be tailored to the level of attendees unless otherwise specified.  Jena specializes in teaching multi-level workshops.  If there are specific request for tricks and movements as well as levels of ability please let us know!