All things Dance

This workshop will teach you all the basics of dancing with the pole, and if you already have the basics down, then Jena will teach you the next level of more advanced moves.  Some of these dance moves and poses are Jena’s signature style but she will be teaching each student how to tap into their own element and discover their own signature style of dance with the pole - making us all unique individual pole dancers.  You will leave her workshop feeling confident, and ready for freestyle. 

Finding Your Freestyle & Creative Flow

You may have the pole tricks and the bendy goodness, but that doesn’t always make one a dancer that has flow and fluidity. Freestyle is key to finding yourself as a dancer.  Yes, a good dancer is one that can freely dance and enjoy every second, while not being afraid to get into a Raw and Sensual state. This workshop will help you find the flow that puts it all together and help you find your beginning and ending of your dances …. This workshop will help you understand movements in a way that will help you find your flow and develop better stage presence.  Expect to tap into yourself on a deeper level and in result you will become a more confident dancer.

all Things Sexy

In this workshop, Jena will be teaching each student how to acquire their own unique style of sexy!  She will be going over basic sexy movements and poses with the pole and OFF the pole.  Yes, you will be getting down and dirty on the floor with some of Jena’s signature floorwork and low-flow tricks! 
Everyone will then be taught how to apply essential movements to their own dancing to make their presentation more powerful and sensual.  From learning how to follow your lines, finding your flow, moving to the beat of the music, learning how to utilize suffering and victory contrast, and when to use them … to all the little details that make a basic, simple maneuver into something creativity sexy.  This Workshop will incorporate all of the above, but you can request emphasis on any one aspect, per the interest of attendees.

You will all get full visuals and demonstrations of something that could have been sexy and graceful but was not executed to that extent as this is very beneficial to learning…through our mistakes!

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Exotic Temptress

This workshop is all about sexy low flow and bendy sexy tricks.  We will be getting down and dirty flowing through Jena’s signature floor moves, one sexy pole pass combo, clacking those heels, dropping into splits, shaking those booties, and more.  This workshop will have all the steps to walk you through the choreography and Jena will break down each move so that everyone can understand or modify.  We will be moving slow and slinky with the contrast of fast and hard.  Bring your heels and knee pads and inner temptress for this workshop and be sure to let your hair down.

Handspring Prep (intermediate/advanced)

Learn the beginning steps and conditioning to nail your handsprings.  This workshop will be on both static and spin pole.  You will learn two different grips as well as how to enter and exit your handsprings multiple ways which make for great transitions.  Want to get that Iron X someday?  We will go over exercises to get you lifting into your handspring, as opposed to swinging or jumping, and on the road to that Iron X.  You do not need a handspring for this workshop.

Triple Goddess Workshop (intermediate/advanced)

This workshop is Jena’s signature workshop.  You will be learning aspects of her winning routines through a number of combos that will cover back bendy awesomeness, split moves, and a static pass with an epic finish.  You will be tapping into the 3 different fundamentals of pole dancing: Spin Pole Combination, Static Pole Combination, and a Low Flow Sequence. Poles will be going back and forth from spinning to stationary. Heels are lovely to wear in this workshop but not required.


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Please contact Jena for pricing details

Workshops are 90 minutes. Workshops can be tailored to the level of attendees unless otherwise specified.  Jena specializes in teaching multi-level workshops.  If there are specific request for tricks and movements as well as levels of ability please let us know!